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Canine Aggression & Canine Reactivity

2 of the most common behaviour problems in dogs today

                Was 8-11 February 2018 

This course has been postponed and will run later in the year - please contact the office to register your interest.


This 4 day workshop is aimed at:


  • those who are experiencing the problems with thier own dogs or dogs in their care.

  • instructors/behaviourists who aim to help others deal with the problems

  • those who wish to understand more about this area of dog behaviour


  • IABTC Understanding Canine Aggression

  • KCAI Providing education for – On line assessments 3&4, Accreditation Module Behavioural Trainer

Days 1-2 An in-depth look into canine aggression, terms used, what causes it and how we can prevent and deal with it. This workshop will also include some real case studies and techniques to deal with aggressive dogs. Ideal for those preparing to be instructors or behaviourists, for those wanting to brush up and learn more, or just for own interest and study.


  •  IABTC Reactivity in Dogs—How to deal with Reactive Dogs.


  • KCAI Providing education to aid with on line assessments 3 & 4, Accreditation ModulesBehavioural Trainer, Companion Dog and Madatory unit RDO


Days 2-3 How do you create modification plans to treat reactive dogs? What do you do when you get a dog in class that reacts to other dogs or people? Should you keep them in class? Where do you draw the line? How do you help the owner get control of their dog? If you are faced with these questions or would help with a reactive dog this is the workshop for you.

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