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Clicker Training Workshops

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Clicker Weekends. 


For those who are competent using clicker and/or as a follow on from the introduction. An in depth session with optional assessment at the end. Book and pay for this 2 day workshop and receive the enrolment pack and learning materials for the C&T award that you are working towards. Two day workshops including theory & practical assessments if required.

2018 March 3-4 & September 29-30  £95

Just Starting Out? 


Introduction to Clicker & Target Training (1 Day Workshop)


A one day workshop for those who are new to or unsure of clicker & target training. Includes: basic introduction to the history and application of the technique, step by step guidance on why, how and when to use this system, psychology and value of motivation and reward. While spectators are welcome, you will learn more if you bring a dog. Candidates must have reasonable control of their dogs.

2018 March 2 & September 28, £60.00

Summer Clicker Week 


Including the IABTC Clicker Zoo! Work with our interesting collection of clicker animals.What can you achieve in the week? It depends on what you can already do. Just starting out—level 1 is easily achievable. Already had a go, level 1&2 could be within your grasp. A seasoned clicker and target trainer can probably do 1&2 and make a start on 3. Someone who is already has 1-3 and is an IABTC instructor may be able to do level 4.  

Five days of Clicker Training covering all IABTC C&T levels from Intro—3&4.

All learning materials and assessments if required included in the price.

2018 August 6-10,  £299.00

Monthly Clicker Training Sessions


For those already accustomed to using clicker training, or having attended an IABTC clicker one day work- shop. These sessions will help you to improve your clicker training and offers 3 levels of clicker training to aim for via various clicker challenges and allows you to train with like minded people.

Half Day Session 9.30—12.30 - £20.00  

2018   Thursdays. Jan 18, Feb 21, March 29, April 19, May 10, June 14, July 19 (August See Clicker week), Sept  27, Oct 25, Nov 22, Dec 6


Also Why not stay all day for just £10 more and join our HTM/Freestyle class in the afternoon