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Angela White Fellow KCAI, CDA, BehA, ObA


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Introduction to Hoopers Workshops:


Sunday 28th of January 2018 10am - 1pm - Full


Sunday 18th of February 2018 


Regular Monthly Sessions:


2018 - Sundays  - March 25, April 8, May 13, June 17, July 15 (also part of Activity Week), August 12, September 9, October 14, November 18, December 2. 


£20 per handler


Maximum 6 handlers per session. Prebooking required.



Come and Learn about this great fun dog sport.


Suitable for all ages of dog from puppies to older dogs, as there are no jumps or contact equipment.


Teach your dog to negotiate a course of hoops, tunnels and barrels.


Great for building your dog's confidence, drive and independence.

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