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Founder and Principal Instrutor/Lecturer Angela White Fellow of KCAI, CDA, BehA, ObA



IABTC Non Competitive Agility

KCAI Providing education for – Teaching Non Competitive Agility

1 Day Practical Skills Workshop. This course explores teaching techniques and skills for needed to introduce clients to agility. It aims to work primarily on health and safety and the introduction of agility training methods that will not cause problems should the client wish to go on to competitive agility.

2019 date TBA  £55.00.

IABTC Essential Solutions for Everyday Behaviour Problems

KCAI Providing education for – on line assessments 3&4, Mandatory Critieria for RDO and Accreditation Modules Behavioural Trainer, Companion Dog

2 Day Seminar/workshop. Everyday problems that instructors can prevent or solve. Covering: Noise, Biting, Growling, Lack of Recall, Chasing, Distraction, Mild Aggression, Excessive Pulling, Jumping Up, Stealing, Children & Dogs, Multiple Dogs, Separation, Hyper Activity, Fears and Phobias.

Also proofing, generalisation, knowing your limitations, referral.

This course also forms part of our certified behaviour, training and modification course. (Unit 3) with additional assessment and support. (See Canine Behaviour Course)


2020  July 18-19     £95.00 without assessment

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IABTC Anatomy & Physiology

KCAI On line assessment 2

Led by expert Di Rhodes, this course is aimed at all dog owners who wish to learn more about their dog and instructors who want to update their knowledge, fill any gaps and achieve a good standard of knowledge. It covers the structure of the dog, how structure influences movement and health, variations across breeds, fitness in relation to training and dog sports/activities. Limitations of advice and referral.

2019 November 16-17,  £150.00

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KC Rally Instructors Workshop

KCAI This course will help you with:

On line assessments 5,7,8, Companion Dog Progression, Accredition module Rally.


Ideal for those just starting or wishing to teach others Rally.


This workshop will include sign explanation, how to teach and perfect the exercises, how to improve standards, how to plan training rounds and how to prepare people for Rally Trials.


Arrive 9.30 (refreshments) for 10 start and finish around 4 each day. Tea and coffee included, bring a packed lunch.


2020 18-19 January   £95.00