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Regular Training Sessions 

IABTC Master Dog Training Awards,

Competitive Obedience, KC Rally Obedience, Heelwork To Music/Freestyle/Dances with Dogs IABTC Clicker & Target Training Awards Workshops


Pick & chose as you like or have a go at all

Half day £10-20.00.

Full day for just £30.00.

Sessions relaxed and friendly. All levels welcome. All Breeds Welcome.

Tuition from internationally renowned

Angela White KCAI: Fellow, CDA, ObA, BehA, Cert Ed

Aided by especially selected experienced, qualified, instructors.

IABTC Master Dog Trainer Awards (MDT)


Improve Your Training Skills - ideal for those wanting to have targets to train thier dog to without having to get involved in competition.


IABTC Awards offering you more choice and variety of interesting and useful challenges to achieve with your dog, building on your relationship with the dog and with an emphasis on getting to know and read your dog better. Taking you though basic—advanced control. Lots of imaginative and non- competitive challenges to choose from including: life-skills, nose-work, retrieve, agility, Flyball, carting, Treibball, HTM and much more. Ideal for those wanting to make progressive steps to produce a well trained dog that you can be proud of and is a pleasure to own.

(NB Also a good alternative way of proving your dog training skills for KCAI.)

(Full Day 10.00-4.00) £30.00


So popular we have 2 full day sessions a month. 


Plus New for 2018 Weekend sessions


 2018 MDT Mondays January 8, February 5, March 5,  April 16, May 14, June 11,

July 2, September 3, October 1, November 5, December 3


 2018 MDT Tuesdays January 16, February 20, March 27, April 17, May 15, June 19, July 17, September 18, October 23 , November 20, December 11.

















New for 2018     IABTC MDT Sunday Activity Workshops

  • Jan 14           Acting Trick Workshop

  • February 25  Loose Lead and Recall Challenges

  • March 18       Life Skills in the Home & Out and About

  • April 29          Nosework (Detector Dog)

  • May 27          Sport Challenge (Canine Parkour)

  • June 24          Nosework (Tracker Dog)

  • August 5         Nosework (Search Dog)

  • Sept 16           Nosework (Tracking and Detection)

  • Sept 23           Smart Dog Challenges

  • October 21      Handy Hound Trick Worksop

  • November 25  Fun life Challenges

  • December 16  Sport Challenge (RallyFree and Freestyle)


PLUS : Introduction to Hoopers - January 28, February 18


HTM/Freestyle/Dances with Dogs/Musical Dressage Training


Learn the basic and more advanced moves, and develop your skills, interpretation to music, link moves and creating a routine for fun, progress awards, demo or competition.

Working on moves and links in the morning and musical interpretation, development of routines etc in the afternoon.

Half Day Session 1.30 - 4.00 - £20.00  

2018   Thursdays. Jan 18, Feb 22, March 29, April 19, May 10, June 14, July 19

Sept  27, Oct 25, Nov 22, Dec 6.


Also Why not stay all day for just £10 more and join our Clicker class in the morning

Competitive Obedience Training

For those competing or interested in competing in KC competitive obedience these sessions are ideal. All levels welcome from pre beginners to Ch. All exercise covered, plus attention, motivation, show craft, and etiquette, unwritten rules and the secrets to success. Friendly inclusive atmosphere is promoted. Our experienced handlers are encouraged to support newcomers to the sport. Rings set up plus large indoor area for inclement weather.  

(Plus Don’t miss our favorite obedience training week)

All levels welcome from pre beginner to C. All breeds welcome.

Wednesday 10.00—4.00) (Just £25 for the full day).

2018 January 31, February 28, March 21, April 18, May 26, June 20, July/August 5 day summer camp,) Sept 19, Oct 17, Nov 28.


Also Competitive Obedience Intensive

As above but restricted numbers for a more personalized approach and not for complete beginners

2018 March 19-20 and October 15-16.   £70 for 2 days.

KC Rally Obedience

If you are looking for a bit more of a challenge beyond basic training, without the competitive and high precision element of competitive obedience, or if you want another sport to run alongside your other interests – then Rally could be ideal for you and your dog. Now recognized in the UK by the Kennel Club.


2018 January 20-21 Instructors Workshop - see Instructors Workshop page


2018 July 20 - A Rally training day with Angela White - in preparation for the


2018 KC Rally Trial July 21 & July 22 with 2 sepearate licences contact Julie Barratt for Trial information.


Haxey Hounds Rally Club - Haxey Hounds run regular half days sessions on a Saturday approx twice a month.  These are relaxed sessions with rounds set up and a nucleus of experienced and new handlers working together to improve their standards.

Outside and indoor facility.


2018  Saturdays —Half Days 1.30 - 4.30, Just £10.00

January 13&27, February 17&24, March 17, April 7&21, May 12&26, June 9&23,

July 7&28, September 8&22, October 13&27,  Nov 10&24, Dec 1.


Contact Karen Holmes Email


Now with additional Master Dog Trainer Sessions in the morning 9.30-12.30 £20.00

Stay for the whole day for just £30.00

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