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Founder and Principal Instrutor/Lecturer Angela White Fellow of KCAI, CDA, BehA, ObA


IABTC Summer Clicker Week


5 Days of Clicker training covering all IABTC C&T levels from Intro—3&4.
Including the IABTC Clicker Zoo! Work with our interesting collection of clicker animals
What can you achieve in the week? It depends on what you can already do. Just starting out—level 1 is easily achievable. Already had a go, level 1&2 could be within your grasp. A seasoned clicker and target trainer can probably do 1&2 and make a start on 3. Someone who is already has 1-3 and is an IABTC instructor may be able to do level 4. All learning materials and assessments if required included in the price.