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Founder and Principal Instrutor/Lecturer Angela White Fellow of KCAI, CDA, BehA, ObA


Unit 3 - IABTC Essential Solutions to Everyday Behaviour Problems.


KCAI Providing education for – A3, A4, Behavioural Trainer, RDO, CD
2 Day workshop with presentation, demonstration and video. Everyday problems that instructors can prevent or solve. Covering: Noise, Biting, Growling, Lack of Recall, Chasing, Distraction, Mild Aggression, Excessive Pulling, Jumping Up, Stealing, Children and Dogs, Multiple Dogs, Separation, Hyper Activity, Fears and Phobias.
Also proofing, generalisation, knowing your limitations, referral. NB This course will form part of our certified be- haviour course from 2017.